Sonia Bon ...

"Nurturing attracts acts of nurture,

a great experience for citizens,

a great way to learn about life."

Our Vision


Happy children, happy parents, happy families. Confident people, open communication and empathetic relationships.   People nurturing one another’s well being, creating love and harmony. All children having equal opportunities to enable their potential in order to empower their future.


Our belief

  • The responsibility of nurturing babies and children is fundamentally with the parent and also increasingly becoming an important role for anyone caring for our young citizens. The ideal scenario would be that all responsible adults work in partnership.

  • Stress is real. It effects us in every way; mind, body and soul and importantly, our relationships.

  • ‘Change is the only constant’. It is inevitable, we cannot avoid it. We need to discover ways of dealing with it not against it.

  • Importance of positive interaction. Play, joining our children on their journey. Encouragement and praise supports learning.

  • Self awareness is key. Before we can support others we need to be emotionally aware of our own feelings and responses.

  • Communication is central for life skills. It’s an important tool we use to relate with others.

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