Our Focus

We know that human beings are naturally social. This requires an intimate relationship with an 'other'. How we interact can influence our self awareness, well being and overall development.

The earliest years of a human beings life are where these foundations are laid as a 'blue print' for later life. From the moment we are conceived we are absorbing information whether by choice or by influence. As adults, we are one of the greatest influences upon our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. With that in mind we aim to support and empower adults (parents or practitioners) to consider their interactions with babies and children with great importance.

What we offer

  • Group sessions

    • Baby Massage​

    • Treasure Basket & Heuristic Play

  • Parenting programmes ​​

    • Preparing for Parenting​

    • Focus on Attachment

    • Mindful Parent Programme

  • Training & Consultancy for childcare providers

    • The Importance of Relationship Building with Babies and Young Children​

    • The Importance of Engaging with Parents/Carers

    • Treasure Basket & Heuristic Play

    • Speech Language & Communication Development

    • Supporting Children's Behaviour

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