We know that bringing support and knowledge into the community allows the building of relationships between all key people around the child.
We aim to provide support and share knowledge in community settings i.e. centres, schools, childcare settings or anywhere accessed by families.
Our services are available to suit your requirements, for example, training outside regular office hours, play sessions at the weekend, baby massage in the mornings, we are happy to build a programme around your needs.
Resources are provided - unique and interesting resources that stimulate and enable creativity
and exploration, giving inspired experiences for both children and adults.
Parenting Skills


  • Preparing for Parenting - what is a parent's role? Will I be a good enough parent? What makes parenting work.

  • The Play Experience - what is important about play? Learn about what play means to a child and how this helps to build a respectful attachment.

  • The Mindful Parent - parenting brings ups and downs, sometimes its great sometimes not so. How can we be a more steadfast parent?

Baby Massage
  • Massage promotes positive and respectful touch.
  • Through massaging baby and adult have opportunities for 'tuning in' to one another, bonding.
  • Learning the holistic benefits of massage through a well established worldwide programme, International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)
Treasure Basket & Heuristic Play 


  • Learn to offer support for the growth of our youngest citizens in a way that respects and values play as a vital vehicle for learning.   ​

  • Quality time for you and your child to discover and explore freely, objects of interest that encourage creative thinking.

Practitioner Training
  • The Importance of Relationships with Babies and Young Children - babies learn about relationships through the modelling from trusted adults. 
  • The Importance of Engaging with Parents/Carers - focus is on the value of communication between parent and practitioner, in order to build relationships that support the child's learning and holistic development.
  • Treasure Basket & Heuristic Play - practitioners learn the theory and how to implement it. Inspiring practice with child-led play with unique and interesting resources.
  • Speech Language & Communication Development - basics on how communication develops from birth. A good start to SLC can help children learn the essential skills for life.
  • Supporting Children's Behaviour - reflecting on adults behaviour and it's impact on children. Adjusting our approaches can help children adjust theirs.

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